Research Equipment

Theory is very important in research, but theory alone is not enough. You have to actually measure and overcome the difference between theory and practice. It cannot be obtained by simulation alone. We have to experiment.

Therefore, our laboratory has not only many workstations and simulation software, but also abundant experimental equipment, and we are putting great effort into experiments

Measuring Equipment

Oscilloscope(Tektronix MSO 71604C)
Signal Analyzer(KEYSIGHT N9000B)
Network Analyzer(Agilent Technologies E5071B)
TLP Test Equipment(HED-T5000)
ESD Test Equipment(NoiseKen GT-30RA)
EMI Receiver(KEYSIGHT N9048B)
PCB Manufacturing Equipment(MITS ELECTRONICS 15ATLB350)
Signal Generator(ROHDE&SCHWARZ SML 01)
Wideband Power Amplifier(Tabor Electronics 9250)
Power Amplifier(R&K A00110-4040-R)
Error Rate Counter(KIKUSUI KBM6010)
Power Meter(Agilent E4419B)
Programmable Attenuator(Anritsu MN65A)
Anechoic Chamber(Shared use)
TEM Cell



ADesign Pro